Monday, January 9, 2012

walkalong gliding

Get this pattern at, click tumbleweing, print it out and tape it to phone book paper on the sides and ends. Rought cut it.

Now cut it on the lines. DO NOT CUT THE ENDS YET!!!!!!!!!

Fold up that end

now that end

fold up one side like that along dotted line up

fold the other side down

now cut the ends

cut the other end

To fly, hold it along the edge you folded UP, now with a slight flick, release it. If it turns, tilt the flaps a little bit in the directions it is turning. Now hold up the board (large cardboard box) and with a slight tilt launch and fly. for instructions see video.

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  1. me encantaría hacerlo., pero no he podido encontrar los patrones -. me podrían hacer el favor de ayudar a descargarlos ., gracias .,