Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to get NowNow on your iPhone

This is a jailbreak tweak for older iOS devices that don't have Siri. It's an alternative using Google voice. The video will tell you how. You need to be jailbroken to use this.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autodesk software

AutoCAD on Mac

Inventor on windows 8
I now have a student license at Autodesk because my school uses their products. I downloaded AutoCAD on my mac partition, and i downloaded Inventor on my Windows partition. (Inventor is the software we use at school.)

Dual boot

Is it a Mac....
Or is it a windows 8 pc?

With my new computer I can dual boot between Mac and Windows 8. I swear, It's totally awesome when you want to run windows only programs because THEY ACTUALLY WORK! That being said, here's some pictures up overhead.

I got a MacBook Pro!

Now, I got it over a month ago, but I decided to make a blog post only now. Here's the story on how I got it: This may, my dad got a free netbook/tablet convertible from his work because he worked on the intel atom, so he gave it to me. It didn't really meet my computing needs, so I traded it off for my grandma's 13 inch macbook pro when i went to India this summer. It's an early 2011 model and it works WAY better than the netbook. That being said, here it is.

Bottom of my new computer
It's opened up

Now it's closed

Saturday, February 11, 2012

squirrel model plane

This is the model plane i made with balsa wood, tissue paper, toothpicks, a rubber band and a propeller. I have to give the credit to Darcy Whyte for providing the design & instructions. It flies great and lasts for a long time. search squirrel model plane and go to the rubber-pwer website to make it. All dimensions are in inches. Sorry my posts are getting gayer and gayer, i am having less time to do this.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

meat tray glider

This is my foam tray glider. i made this out of foam meat trays from the grocery store (go to the meat department of the store and ask for a couple of trays, if you tell it is for a science project, they will give you a few. You need 2.), Hot glue (low temp, hi temp will melt the foam. I have a dual temp gun, so i can use hi and low when i need them.),cardboard, a bamboo skewer, a hammer and optional: a foam plate, a stick and a rubber band. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

popsicle stick chain reaction

This is the chain reaction
i made. It is 2 feet long and made out of 30 popsicle sticks.  My inspiration comes from that guy on america's got talent, Tim Fort. to trigger the chain reaction you pull out any stick, and the elastic force of the sticks blows the sticks apart. This could go on forever if you are good enough, but i just stopped there.
My record is 12 feet.(This uses no adhesive. The only thing required is popsicle sticks and 2 hands:) Video footage above.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

popsicle stick bomb tutorial

you will need 5 ice pop (popsicle)  sticks . Optional: a rubber band

Take 3 sticks and wrap the rubber band around them. 

separate the 3 sticks like this.  i had to use 1 hand because i had to take a picture with the other, but please, use two. it's just easier. The top one has to be in the middle or else it won't work. 

take the 4th stick and force it in so it is under the side sticks and over the middle stick.

push the 5th stick in so it is over the side sticks and under the middle.

remove the rubber band. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

north korean paper JET (yes, it flies)

yes,this is a flying jet. It flies pretty well. I got this from a book called great paper jets. It is made of glue and card stock. Here is a video that shows how it flies. (webcam video) UPDATE: you can make bombs for this too.
Side view

Monday, January 9, 2012

walkalong gliding

Get this pattern at sciencetoymaker.org, click tumbleweing, print it out and tape it to phone book paper on the sides and ends. Rought cut it.

Now cut it on the lines. DO NOT CUT THE ENDS YET!!!!!!!!!

Fold up that end

now that end

fold up one side like that along dotted line up

fold the other side down

now cut the ends

cut the other end

To fly, hold it along the edge you folded UP, now with a slight flick, release it. If it turns, tilt the flaps a little bit in the directions it is turning. Now hold up the board (large cardboard box) and with a slight tilt launch and fly. for instructions see video.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

20 bbs per second bb gun. NO JOKE.

This i s my air soft gun- can damage paper, looks simple, but this is really rapid fire. I burned holes with a hot glue gun. i stuck two pens in the hole, then secured them with glue. Fill it with bbs and it is ready to go. for video proof, look here.

paper blowgun tutorial

this is the paper blowgun thing i made NOTE this is not me i was going to upload my video but the computer wouldn't let me so i had to use a youtube video:(

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

popsicle crossbow damage test

can stick into paper from 10 feet

my VIKING catapult

This is my viking catapult, made out of kebab skewers, rubber bands, and a bottle cap. you can pretty much figure out how i made it using the picture. You pull back to fire. this thing can fire like 20- 30 feet (6-9 meters) depending on how you make it. The ammo is anything that can fit in the cap. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hey guys, if you could post more comments, i would appreciate that.

my water rocket launcher

this is a close up of the air valve

the water rocket launcher

This is the water rocket launcher i made out of 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) diameter PVC pipe, a BIC pen shaft, hot glue, a 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) tee, 2 end caps, duct tape, zip ties(used for bundling cables) a hose clamp, a 1 1/4 inch (3.175 cm) slip connector, string and 2 - 2 liter PLASTIC soda bottles. Don't use glass bottles for two reasons. First, it won't fit on the pipe. Second, the bottle goes very high, but a glass bottle has a lot of weight and it'll shatter, injuring someone. A plastic bottle doesn't hurt because an empty bottle has almost no mass. This can go like 50-100 ft (15-30.5 m) and even higher (10 times as high)if you add fins. I chose not to because if a finned bottle lands on someone it may injure someone because the fins give it mass. Thanks to slater harrison for the plans.
another closeup

Monday, January 2, 2012

ice pop stick crossbow

This is an ice pop stick (called popsicle sticks in america) crossbow i made. I made it out of string , a clothespin, glue and obviously, ice pop sticks. The bolt or arrow is made of a wooden kebab skewer and tape. You pull the string back into the clothespin and place the bolt on the crossbow, as shown here in the 5th picture. Here are some pictures of me firing the crossbow. Oh, to fire the crossbow, you press the clothespin down. 3rd & 4th picture shows loaded crossbow. 2nd picture is the crossbow being fired. The arrow is in the air- it's the little blurry dash on the right. The 1st picture shows where the arrow landed. It landed on the far edge of my desk- towards my wall.