Saturday, February 11, 2012

squirrel model plane

This is the model plane i made with balsa wood, tissue paper, toothpicks, a rubber band and a propeller. I have to give the credit to Darcy Whyte for providing the design & instructions. It flies great and lasts for a long time. search squirrel model plane and go to the rubber-pwer website to make it. All dimensions are in inches. Sorry my posts are getting gayer and gayer, i am having less time to do this.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

meat tray glider

This is my foam tray glider. i made this out of foam meat trays from the grocery store (go to the meat department of the store and ask for a couple of trays, if you tell it is for a science project, they will give you a few. You need 2.), Hot glue (low temp, hi temp will melt the foam. I have a dual temp gun, so i can use hi and low when i need them.),cardboard, a bamboo skewer, a hammer and optional: a foam plate, a stick and a rubber band.