Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autodesk software

AutoCAD on Mac

Inventor on windows 8
I now have a student license at Autodesk because my school uses their products. I downloaded AutoCAD on my mac partition, and i downloaded Inventor on my Windows partition. (Inventor is the software we use at school.)

Dual boot

Is it a Mac....
Or is it a windows 8 pc?

With my new computer I can dual boot between Mac and Windows 8. I swear, It's totally awesome when you want to run windows only programs because THEY ACTUALLY WORK! That being said, here's some pictures up overhead.

I got a MacBook Pro!

Now, I got it over a month ago, but I decided to make a blog post only now. Here's the story on how I got it: This may, my dad got a free netbook/tablet convertible from his work because he worked on the intel atom, so he gave it to me. It didn't really meet my computing needs, so I traded it off for my grandma's 13 inch macbook pro when i went to India this summer. It's an early 2011 model and it works WAY better than the netbook. That being said, here it is.

Bottom of my new computer
It's opened up

Now it's closed