Monday, January 2, 2012

ice pop stick crossbow

This is an ice pop stick (called popsicle sticks in america) crossbow i made. I made it out of string , a clothespin, glue and obviously, ice pop sticks. The bolt or arrow is made of a wooden kebab skewer and tape. You pull the string back into the clothespin and place the bolt on the crossbow, as shown here in the 5th picture. Here are some pictures of me firing the crossbow. Oh, to fire the crossbow, you press the clothespin down. 3rd & 4th picture shows loaded crossbow. 2nd picture is the crossbow being fired. The arrow is in the air- it's the little blurry dash on the right. The 1st picture shows where the arrow landed. It landed on the far edge of my desk- towards my wall.


  1. Your ice pop stick crossbow are really very nice I have never seen such type of ice pop stick crossbow before thanks for providing us this marvelous pictures of crossbow.

    1. Thanks! I got the crossbow from here: